Lamiflex: Solutions for the world around you

For over 40 years we have been producing high performance composite materials.

Thanks to continuous technological evolution, the highest quality standards and the expertise of our Research & Development team, we are the market leaders in the supply of solutions for the industry with a historical know-how on the rapier tapes.

  • Tailor-made technologies

    – thanks to 8 different innovative solutions: Pultrusion and Pull-Winding, Wrapping, Progressive and Multi-Chamber Press, Autoclave, RTM, LPMC, Solvent impregnation, Filament Winding

  • Process and performance optimization

    – thanks to our composite and carbon materials, our problem solving skills and tailor-made solutions

  • Unlimited range of applications

    – for a wide range of sectors: textile, medical, aeronautical, industrial, flexo rollers and packaging