Advantages of composite materials

Lightness and excellent mechanical qualities  

Composite materials are materials consisting of two or more components, in which there are always a matrix and a reinforcement. There are innumerable combinations. There are in fact various types of composites: with thermoplastic matrices, thermosetting matrices, thermoplastic vegetable fibres, inerts, carbon, glass and aramid fibre. The combination of the different materials enables the technical properties of the individual components to be transformed, improving them and adapting them to a specific application.

Composites are being used increasingly because of the close connection between mechanical properties and density. This enables performance to be obtained that is similar to that of metal or sometimes even greater, with significant weight loss, sometimes more than 50%.

Lamiflex has specialized in the manufacture of long-fibre, mainly carbon composite materials. Owing to the technologies it uses and the expertise of its technicians, Lamiflex is always able to find the right manufacturing solution that is able to optimize costs and performance.

Performance, diversification and design capacity  

At its headquarters, Lamiflex offers the main technologies currently available on the market to ensure its customers:

  • procedures for controlling schedules and production methods
  • quality checks of all production phases
  • traceability and retraceability of work cycles and materials
  • up to 5-axis CNC

Each project is implemented in 5 steps:

  1. the customer explains his specific needs to Lamiflex or the problem he needs to solve
  2. the Lamiflex engineers study the design solution that enables them to obtain the best possible performance
  3. the engineers evaluate the best technology to implement the designed prototype or the identified  solution
  4. Lamiflex guarantees a comprehensive customer-care service for the production and adaptation phases
  5. Lamiflex also guarantees reliable after-sales support