The five main sectors

Owing to its perfect knowledge of the eight different technologies at its disposal, Lamiflex is able to create composite material components that can be used in different industrial sectors.   
The high degree of specialization in each of these technologies has given Lamiflex in-depth knowledge of the wide scope of composite materials. Such expertise is difficult to find elsewhere in the industry.

  • Textile machinery

Textile machinery

In the last few years textile machinery has reached complete technological maturity. Creating something that is able to radically revolutionize the sector is very difficult. That is why, after inventing and developing composite rapier tapes and other dynamic accessories for frames, including gear wheels for moving the tapes, Lamiflex now devotes itself to enabling customers to improve existing products, also by exploring innovative materials in the constant quest for ever more tailored solutions.  

In order to adapt to an economic and productive world that has looked increasingly to the East in the new millenium, Lamiflex has implemented company policies that cater specifically for Asian markets. In 2008, with the participation of qualified local entrepreneurs, Lamiflex Asia was born, owing to which it was possible to implement more effective marketing and provide the best possible service to the many customers in that geographical area.

For Lamiflex, which has over 40 years’ experience in this field, textile machinery remains a strategic sector. Still today, Lamiflex is the main supplier of rapier tapes to the world’s most important textile manufacturers.

  • Medical


The medical field is part of the company’s core business. Since the 1990s Lamiflex has been working together with one of the sector’s largest companies, thanks to which it has acquired know-how and fundamental and invaluable competence. By using a specially designed composite consisting of foam and carbon fibre, the most radiotransparent material currently available on the market, Lamiflex manufactures patient beds for x-ray diagnostic machines, for urology, angiography, cardiology and CT scans.  

The R&D staff at Lamiflex have the ability and skill required to interface with the customer, by working in synergy with him to optimize the geometry, size and development of all technical details.

  • Aeronautics


For the aeronautical industry, Lamiflex uses the “composite materials autoclave polymerization” process certified by Agusta Westland. Stiff and flexible low-weight ducts are produced for systems for controlling the pressurization and environmental condition of the aircraft (environmental control systems) and screening and conductive ducts/systems to protect against electromagnetic interference from cables and electronic devices of aircraft or high-performance machines in the defence or telecommunications industries. Here again, the R&D staff solves problems and devises tailored solutions for customers.

Lamiflex is also part of the “Lombardy Aerospace District” that promotes Lombardy companies operating in the aerospace industry by attending fairs and conferences in Italy and throughout the world. In fact in 2015, during an important international conference in Seattle (USA), Lamiflex presented its products and solutions to a selected audience of the world’s main aircraft manufacturers to great acclaim.

  • Industrial


Forty years of fruitful experience and tangible results have enabled Lamiflex to become a famous appreciated point of reference throughout the industrial world, where the scope for composite materials is literally unlimited.

speed and productivity of any industrial facility has led to greater demand for composites because they combine mechanical performance and lightness. Aware of its assets and reputation, in the last few years Lamiflex has pursued a proactive strategy for winning new customers both directly and through national and international trade fairs by providing tailored solutions.  

For manufacturing industry Lamiflex makes: rollers and cylinders for the packaging sector, where the composite material reduces inertia drastically and thus enables high speeds to be reached; pressurized pipes for desalinators, where the structure made of composite materials avoids the corrosion problems associated with metals; doctor blades in composite materials with multiple compositions and types of resin for scrapers of the cylinders of paper mills; bending arcs for the construction of stranding machines for steel cables; semifinished flat sheets for the arms industry, composite cooling plates for engines, blades for vacuum pumps and innumerable other applications.

  • Rollers for flexo printing

Rollers for flexo printing

The presence of Lamiflex in the sector of rollers for flexo printing was studied and planned after careful marketing analyses. The general need for faster printing speeds has naturally led to steel being replaced by carbon. Knowledge of this material, combined with the skill of the company’s technicians and engineers has rapidly made the company a market leader in the supply of technologically advanced products, from the simplest rollers to the most complex.

Productive efficiency, constant quality and rapid processing changes: these are most important features required of flexographic printing machines. The Lamiflex rollers made of carbon composites have been created to ensure high qualitative standards and satisfy the need for operational simplification, flexibility of use and lower production costs. The dimensions and technical properties of these rollers meet the need of companies manufacturing highly diversified and competitive plant systems.