Case study

Lamiflex Success Story

Implementing the best solution that is able to fulfill exactly the customer’s expectations, is exemplified by numerous and continuous professional successes of the team work at Lamiflex. Some of these are extremely significant and enable the company’s problem-solving skills to be fully appreciated.

Structural frame for Agusta Westland – aeronautical sector

The critical points detected were weight and mechanical resistance.

In order to solve these problems, Lamiflex developed the design, engineering and complete testing of the frame to ensure that the mechanical requirements were met (lighter and tougher). Key technology: RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding).

Conduits for low-pressure air and shielded conduits for Agusta Westland –aeronautical sector

The critical points in this case were weight and time (design and procurement times were both too long).

Lamiflex designed and engineered air conduits for low-pressure lines made of glass fibre and shielded conduits complying with lightness and technical performance requirements whilst ensuring extremely fast design and modification times. The main advantage was the great simplicity and repeatability of the constructional system.

The key technology used was the autoclave.

Table Top made of composite material for leading global manufacturer of radiology machines – medical sector

Poor x-ray permeability was the issue to be addressed. Lamiflex designed and manufactured products consisting of a composite sandwich with a foam and carbon-fibre core, which optimized both resistance and x-ray permeability.

The key technology that solved the problem was RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding).

Rollers for flexo printing made for leading global manufacturer – rollers sector

Increasing printing speed in order to increase productivity by maintaining high production levels was the customer’s request.

Lamiflex developed an integrated CAD/CAM – FEM design accompanied by Filament Winding technology for high modulus carbon fibres that enabled high-quality rollers to be engineered to ensure higher printing speeds.

Filament Winding technology met the customer’s needs brilliantly.

Flexible rapier tapes for Itema – textile machinery sector

In this case, the technological speed and productive limits had to be overcome with metal rapier tapes.

Lamiflex designed and manufactured the rapier tapes by exploiting the properties of the composite materials that on the one hand significantly reduced inertia and on the other hand also created rapier tapes with variable longitudinal stiffness to optimize loom productivity. The chemical expertise of Lamiflex, which is backed up by its own laboratory, enabled Lamiflex to formulate specific epoxy resins for the application and introduce reinforcement impregnation technology.

The key technology used was solvent impregnation and hot surfaces press.

Doctor blades for paper mills – rollers sector

The solution was required for a chemically corrosive environment with high operating temperatures.

Lamiflex, owing to its chemical expertise and to its own laboratory, has constantly developed doctor blades to meet specific market and customer needs. Optimizing reinforcements and resins has enabled Lamiflex to maintain qualitatively high production standards and competitive production costs on the market.

The key technology used was impregnation and the progressive press.