Strict standards for complete company quality  

The UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Certification obtained in 1993 guarantees that the Lamiflex production processes are subjected to rigorous procedures and tests imposed by adopting an Integrated Management System corresponding to international quality standards. This certification is today a prerequisite for a company that wants to be a player in an increasingly demanding and competitive market but at that time the company was breaking new ground.

Lamiflex has always been one step ahead and was one of the first companies in the productive and efficient Valle Seriana to set itself apart with this certification. A great step forward that was taken when not many people realised the considerable added value that it would bring an organisation and its entire business.

Each company is a living being and constantly transforming. Management is responsible, in collaboration with the Quality Manager, for making sure that each and every link in the production chain, from the design stage to the final product, is aware of the importance of their input and why certain rules must be observed. In other words: leadership and awareness. Company functions may be compared the sections of an orchestra, where everyone follows the same score to produce the same piece of music: this is the main objective of the Quality Manager.

Our new “vision” regarding certification called for a total overhaul of the Lamiflex management system. We obtained this in MAY 2018, confirming the company’s commitment to following our chosen path.