Corporate Social Responsability

Lamiflex: a company that looks after its surroundings  

For a company, being socially responsible means looking after its surroundings. This solidarity value is part and parcel of the DNA of Lamiflex; for years it has been committed to different types of projects supporting special initiatives in the field of training, scientific research and the preservation of Bergamo’s artistic and cultural heritage.

  • TheSchool Work Project and Confindustria’s SME Day For over 6 years, in collaboration with the Istituto Professionale I.T.I.S technical school of Gazzaniga, Lamiflex has been successfully fostering the “School Work” project by providing concrete support in training engineering technicians. During the year, Lamiflex provides work placements for pupils in their penultimate year to provide them with hands-on experience in a local company that has developed its know-how through cutting-edge technology. As part of the Project, Lamiflex experts go to school to provide pupils with the theory behind their practical experience in the company.The “School Work” project for pupils in their final year helps pupils draft the dissertation that they have to write as part of their school-leaving diploma. The company enables pupils to source and develop specialist content. Lamiflex teaches “the art of composites”, an area where the company has been a domestic and international market leader for over 40 years.As Lamiflex is sensitive to the theme of teaching and preparation for the world of work in general, Lamiflex is also involved in the “SME Day” run by Confindustria (Confederation of Italian Industry), by opening its doors to middle-school pupils. This initiative aims to show younger pupils what a company is like, show them the offices, the production shops and the company set-up.
  • On the road: a project dedicated to new generations

    The ‘On The Road’ project was launched in 2006 by the journalist Alessandro Invernici and Giuseppe Fuschino, a local policeman from the Valseriana area. Right from the very start, the main goal of this initiative was to raise the road safety awareness of new generations and teach the young about the law by getting young students over eighteen actively involved. One of its kind in Italy, this project offers high school students special training over the course of a few weeks, when they “dress” as the Local Police, take part in everyday policing activities and see with their very own eyes what the job entails; as an alternative, they can shadow paramedics belonging to the local ambulance service. An innovative, revolutionary way to teach new generations about road safety and legality, in a practical, active and participatory manner.

  • ARMR Supporting Research into Rare Diseases: constant commitment to research One of the cornerstones of the Lamiflex philosophy is a focus on research. The focus is on expanding activities and developing innovative solutions and this also applies to medical research.“Even today, many diseases are not very well known and are accordingly very expensive to treat. Any action or contribution to research into rare diseases may pave the way for improving the life expectancy of some of us”. This is how ARMR introduces itself. Lamiflex has decided to support ARMR by providing bursaries for young promising researchers in their daily efforts to give hope to people suffering from rare diseases. Lamiflex believes firmly in this social responsibility and its active engagement over several years has given it great satisfaction and made it truly involved.
  • Local health trusts: the example of Alzano Lombardo Management at Lamiflex is deeply attached to its local area for cultural and historical reasons and for a question of “roots”. For the company, concretely supporting certain Bergamo health trusts was accordingly a spontaneous decision. In particular, the hospital of Alzano Lombardo has been able to refurbish its Maternity Department with the donation from Lamiflex.The Paediatric Neuropsychiatric Department of Ospedali Riuniti hospitals of Bergamo has been similarly helped through Nepios (Association for the Protection of Children). In this case, Lamiflex was one of the sponsors of Nepios’ Gran Galà della Solidarietà fundraising event.
  • Preserving Bergamo’s historical and artistic heritage: Lamiflex for art Lamiflex believes in nurturing and protecting its significant historical and artistic heritage in the Bergamo area. That is why it has made a concrete contribution to funding the restoration of major works like:
    • the complete restoration of the statue of the famous Bergamo mathematician Lorenzo Mascheroni on the Sentierone, the route along which the city’s residents prefer to stroll and talk
    • restoration of the historic church of Sant’Agata del Carmine, the vibrant heart of Bergamo’s Città Alta or Upper Town  
    • restoration of the Fountain of San Gottardo in Via Borgo Canale, again in Bergamo’s Città Alta 
    • cleaning and maintenance of the Mura Venete walls around Bergamo’s Città Alta, which walls will soon be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Special focus on difficult professional moments: a Lions work project  Apart from the financial difficulties, losing one’s job after the age of 45 can have a devastating psychological impact. That is why Lamiflex is involved in the project “Lions for work”. This initiative has been run by Lions Bergamo since 2014 and in the province of Bergamo alone it has already helped over 50 people address issues like regaining confidence, motivating people to seek informal occupations, open up to new possibilities and accept temporary work.The project also has a team of psychologists and above all enables people to build up a constructive relationship with people who have already been through this difficult experience.