Dedicated environments

Special Lamiflex environments: a fundamental strategic aspect 

The availability at Lamiflex of the 8 main technologies used in the manufacture of composite materials is reflected in the wide range of products made. For this reason and in order to provide its customers with the best possible service, the company has created the special environments in-house required for control, completion and storage of materials and finished products: an efficient chemical and physical laboratory, an X-ray room, a medical room, an environmental room and a cleanroom.

Chemical and physical laboratory: the best solution is born in the laboratory  

An important added value for Lamiflex is its well equipped chemical and physical laboratory. The company has always studied in-house the resin mixtures for its applications and the composition of the materials used.

Thorough laboratory analyses enable the customer to be provided with an accurate certified “Product Technical Form”, a true ID card for the product. The certificates awarded to Lamiflex (UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI EN 9100) enable them in turn to certify the product requested by the customer on the basis of the customer’s specific needs. By using viscosity meters, rheometers, dynameters, durometers and various microscopes, Lamiflex can both assist production with the controls required and help develop technical applications with customers to define the correct mixture.

At Lamiflex, testing is of vital importance. All products, from raw materials to semifinished products, are tested rigorously. Tests are both “destructive” and “non destructive”, like resistance, bending and tensile tests but also tests under the microscope to evaluate porosity or dispersion of loads.

By working in close contact with the R&D department, people in the company laboratory also dedicate themselves to customer care. To match customer needs, semifinished products are made that are accompanied by the information required to get the most out of them, just like finished products that, once they have been approved by the customer, go into production at the company. In order to pay maximum attention to the needs of its customers, the laboratory also conducts retrograde analysis to identify the components and the relative percentages of a finished product supplied by the customer.

Medical room: a necessary environment for working without dust 

Lamiflex has its own medical room, an environment that has been built and is dedicated to the medical sector where carbon beds are made for patients for x-ray diagnosis applications. This room aims to create a zone that is far from dust and other pollutant agents that may enter the printing process, introducing materials that are visible to x rays and make the image of the plate viewed in this frequency spectrum non homogeneous and thus unusable for diagnosis applications.

X-ray room: a detailed check for a fault-free product 

In this room inside the company the x-ray plates are checked for impurities or intrusions. The x rays are calibrated specifically in power to check the plates for the radiological medical sector.

Through this analysis process, minor manufacturing defects can be detected to enable standards to be restored before the product reaches the customer and total quality to be thus ensured.

Cleanroom: handling zero-risk pre-pregs  

The cleanroom is an environment in which temperature, humidity and dust are strictly controlled. The pre-pregs always have to be handled in the same conditions to avoid excess humidity or dust damaging the stratification of the composite laminate.

The cleanroom has been built to and certified as complying with Agusta Westland standards and is used mainly for the aeronautical sector.

The environmental room  

At Lamiflex there is also an environmental room, an area dedicated to laminating products with pre-pregs fabrics that require a stable temperature throughout the year to ensure the product’s technical and mechanical properties.

Another dedicated environment that ensures compliance with standards and total quality during all processing seasons.