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Internationalism: a Lamiflex trait from the outset 

Already in 1976, Lamiflex looked with interest at international markets, both in terms of the type of products made and the business focus. Being able to rely on a comprehensive and efficient distribution network was therefore very important practically and strategically.

Currently, 40% of Lamiflex’s customers are in Italy, 35% in Europe and the remaining 25% operate in the rest of the world, mainly in the markets of Asia, America and Turkey. The company’s customers are found in various sectors, including, in addition to textile machinery, the industrial, medical, aeronautical sectors and the sector of rollers, particularly for flexo printing.

In order to be able to manage better a market like Asia, the Hong Kong-based Lamiflex Asia Ltd was set up in 2008. Yet another example of the internationalism imprinted into the company’s DNA.