Aeronautical Industry

Aeronautical industry: specific and dedicated certification

Inspired by a business mission to innovate and diversify production, Lamiflex focused on the aeronautical sector, a new challenge to penetrate new markets of excellence.

And in 2008 Lamiflex obtained UNI EN 9100 certification, which is required to access the supply chain of aeronautical manufacturers. A great satisfaction for a company that has always made quality its strong point.

Maintaining this certification is a complicated task that requires continuous updating. In the aeronautical industry safety is even more important than in other industries. Obviously, the margin of error for any of an aircraft’s technical components is zero.

Over the last few years, one positive result of this reality that Lamiflex has to address daily is that the companys different departments have committed to harmonising all company processes to ensure compliance with aeronautical standards.

Our new “vision” regarding certification called for a total overhaul of the Lamiflex management system. We obtained this in MAY 2018, confirming the company’s commitment to following our chosen path.