The Lamiflex philosophy: right from the outset

Work and family

One of the guiding principles of the Lamiflex philosophy is its desire to reconcile the world of work with strong and essential family values. Ever since the company was first set up, it has striven to strike a perfect balance between time dedicated to the company and time dedicated to the family, between commitment and attention to work and the rightful claims of the personal and private sphere.

Lamiflex is absolutely convinced that enabling its employees to work as well as possible means supporting them wherever possible outside the workplace and in the family realm.

Lamiflex and maternity
The company is supportive of expectant mothers. A child is a blessing, not a sin. It is only right and proper that a company shares in the joy of the employee expecting a child. That is what Lamiflex believes anyway. We consider this approach to be our duty. It means getting involved and taking responsibility. It means allowing mothers to work from home, a correct and fair redistribution of workloads, the possibility of part-time work, helping with nursery school fees and awarding a maternity bonus.

The value of the individual  

Motivating, sustaining, helping. This is the Lamiflex credo when it comes to the individual. Every employee is a human resource where the terms “resource” and “human” have an ethical value that needs to be profoundly respected. The people at the helm of the company feel the need to address issues alongside the employee, including issues that are outside the working sphere. Helping the individual and the family in fact always reflects positively on the entire company business.

Mutual respect and trust are prerequisites for fostering any rapport, both in the world of work and, more generally, in any human relationships.

The value of the team

The desire and commitment to always working to the best of one’s abilities, regardless of one’s specific personal skill set, is a quality that is specially appreciated at Lamiflex. Just as giving one’s all as part of all-out team effort is an essential quality for working in a company. Right from the start, Lamiflex has believed in team work, in the synergies that are created by combining personalities, experiences and different visions.

In an increasingly complex and competitive market, the professionalism and expertise of employees are becoming increasingly important. That is why Lamiflex focuses increasingly on recruiting graduates and creating heterogeneous work teams where a balanced range of skills at every level is the most solid guarantee that the best result will always be obtained.