Lamiflex for women

Luigina Bernini Lamiflex

Women power  

Lamiflex has always believed in women, appreciating and celebrating the roles that they have to play and develop in the course of a lifetime. Only women know how demanding it is to be focused and efficient at work and at the same time take care of one’s family.

Women are capable of unique sentiments: understanding, faithfulness and dedication that are reflected in their way of working, their professionalism. Just as they are distinguished by their ability to be transparent and strong sense of attachment, also with regard to the company in which they work.

Lamiflex is a company that right from the start has considered women to be an irreplaceable resource and has always been sensitive to their needs, deeply appreciating their outstanding qualities.

“I have great respect for work, for all the people who are lucky enough to be in work and who do their work with love, persistence and enthusiasm. When I think of women’s work I do not think differently, but I am convinced that the differences between male and female enhance all environments: Lamiflex makes this a point of excellence” comments Luigina Bernini, Founder of Lamiflex.

The Arianna crèche: a crèche for working mothers 

Any mother who works needs to know that her children are in good hands, especially when they are very small. That is why Lamiflex funds the Arianna crèche – which is named after a little girl who died of leukaemia – in the area in which it works, in Ponte Nossa, in the Seriana valley.

Since 2004, the year in which the crèche opened, Lamiflex has continuously and punctually sponsored particularly important events like training courses for the staff.

Lamiflex is one of the main backers of the crèche and its contributions have enabled the crèche fees to be lowered significantly each year.

Nido di Arianna Lamiflex per le donne

Lamiflex per le donne Harvard

UniBg and Harvard: Lamiflex bursaries for the most deserving female students  

Those who invest in training have a clear view of the importance of learning and the connected educational experiences. That is why Lamiflex enables deserving female students to embark on a pursuit of excellence that would otherwise hardly be open to them. The company has in fact joined the “Adopt a talent” project of the University of Bergamo that started in the academic year 2010/2011. The Adopt a talent project:

  • organises two-year graduate degree courses through the medium of English (in Management Engineering, Management and Finance and International Business, Planning and Management of Tourism Systems)
  • many different research projects
  • training abroad

Lamiflex has become a supporter for the academic year 2014/2015, joining in particular the “Smarter Citizen” project in collaboration with Harvard. This initiative organises exchanges of deserving students between the two universities within an ongoing four-year partnership. Lamiflex has thus contributed to sending 4 female students to Ivy League Harvard for a two-year master’s degree as part of a partnership between the two universities and special working parties.

The testimony of some of the female students 

Working with the students at Harvard was fun and instructive. The differences in language and culture taught me to face problems from different points of view and to work with people who had a completely different way of processing knowledge and studying from ours”.  


I travelled and visited places that I would have otherwise seen only on TV. When I was in Harvard I strolled in the garden of MIT.  It was simply a unique and unforgettable experience in which I was stretched in a new environment and had to learn to tackle problems from new angles and using different approaches”.  


The chance to take part in the mobility project at Harvard was meaningful and enriching both educationally and culturally. A unique and unrepeatable chance to visit and get to know this renowned campus that was completely different from ours”.  


The team wins if it is mixed: with Confindustria (Confederation of Italian Industry) for an equal opportunities project 

In 2009, Confindustria launched a research project to promote equal opportunities in SMEs. This was a specific research project that was financially backed by Lamiflex and in which it took part in order to promote the role of women in the workplace. The main areas of action were:

  • initiatives for bringing more women into the workplace
  • family-friendly policies to enable professional commitments and family responsibilities to be balanced more easily
  • initiatives to foster talent through different career paths and policies for managing diversity

The project concluded with the dissemination of the results through a publicity and awareness-raising campaign. A mixed team, consisting of men and women, offers the best guarantee of success. And for Lamiflex, the synergy produced by sensitivity and different points of view is an extraordinary resource that should be drawn on continuously.

Storia Lamiflex Confindustria

Lamiflex and AIAF Lombardia: together against violence against women  

Lamiflex and AIAF (Italian Association of Lawyers for the Family and Children) have joined forces to fight against violence against women.

The Bergamo branch of AIAF Lombardia, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, organised in 2015 for the second year running cultural and theatrical events entitled “The lawyers are with women against violence” in which the public was involved through the promotion and holding of conferences and moments of reflection aimed at raising awareness of the theme of violence against women in the family.

One particularly fruitful event was a meeting between high school pupils and the professionals in the front line (lawyers, judges and criminologists) that drew the attention of young people to abuse within the family and to what the law can do in such grave circumstances.