Lamiflex Tapes

You never forget your first love.

If Lamiflex is now a leading manufacturer of composite materials this is thanks to a brilliant business idea in 1976 that led the company to design and produce a new type of rapier tape for flexible looms. For more than forty years the tapes have been at the centre of daily work, strategies and thoughts of those who work at Lamiflex.

People who manufacture high-quality textiles know they need flexible looms and therefore rapier tapes. The development of these products is developing constantly. It is natural for Lamiflex researchers to be engaged in testing new materials and new solutions that are able to ensure ever greater performance.
In the tapes sector, Lamiflex is perceived throughout the world as the benchmark. Excellence that does not only refer to the products that are hand-finished to eliminate even the smallest imperfections but also to the service offered, the availability of the products and the striving for continuous improvement that is part of the company DNA. Technology, research, performance but the heart also counts at Lamiflex: you never forget your first love

A product that has changed history and changed the world of textile manufacturing  

The first nylon tapes easily melted at high speed. That is why Lamiflex designed a new composite cotton and phenolic-resin tape that could cope with high loom speeds. This invention changed the textile machinery industry for ever. An intuition that made the company one of the industry’s greatest experts that has maintained its leadership for over 40 years.

Composite rapier tapes are in fact the historical Lamiflex product that has always been at the centre of research and company innovation. It is known and appreciated throughout the world and is still today the jewel in the crown of a company that is a technological and market leader for this type of product.   
In the sector of textile machinery industry, Lamiflex has also invented and developed other accessory products like gear wheels for moving the tapes. Lamiflex is to this day the main supplier of rapier tapes and accessory products for the most important companies in the industry.

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