Lean Management

Overriding goal: customer satisfaction

The Lamiflex story shows the importance of investing time and resources in continuous company improvement in order to enhance customer service and win a strategic position in emerging markets.

The Lamiflex policy of ongoing staff training, team working and change management has fostered the “GEN2” team that uses Lean Manufacturing to analyse company production flows critically.

The team constantly searches for wastefulness in order to eliminate it and pass on the benefits to the customer. It is not just a question of cutting manufacturing costs but of slashing “time to customer” by adapting the production flow to deliver the best possible customer service in terms of quality, time and cost.

Lean management

Lean management

In order to achieve these goals, Lamiflex uses key Lean Production techniques such as the value flow map and all the other auxiliary tools required to manage production processes to ensure greater flexibility. In the same way, training in the classroom transforms awareness into good practice by making everyone an improver and innovative Lean Thinker.

Totally involving the entire workforce in this evolutionary path, setting up “Lean Worksites” and working with other production facilities enable Lamiflex to grow every single day by focusing on its key goal: customer satisfaction.