Respect for the environment: a vital aspect of Lamiflex policy

For a responsible company that looks to the future like Lamiflex, its impact on the environment needs to be monitored constantly. Monitoring that is performed for example through the periodic preliminary analyses of the environmental impact by assessing energy consumption and quantifying and categorizing waste and waste disposal.

As part of the reduction of environmental impact, there are not only the mandatory aspects imposed at the legislative level but also leadership and educative aspects that depend exclusively on the company. One example is the choice of suppliers, who have also been selected by Lamiflex according to environmental criteria.

One tangible and concrete criterion by which to evaluate respect for the environment is significant reduction in energy, which for lighting is obtained by changing to LED technology.  

The UNI EN ISO 14001 Quality Certification obtained in 2001 is thus an important goal obtained with great commitment and through involving the entire workforce in the name of a business culture that firmly believes in the importance of protecting the environment because it is part of humanity’s common heritage.

Our new “vision” regarding certification called for a total overhaul of the Lamiflex management system. We obtained this in April 2018, confirming the company’s commitment to following our chosen path.