Engagement, competence and creativity

The R&D team at Lamiflex consists of highly specialized engineers and technicians who are able to develop in synergy with the customer the technical solutions required to devise products made with composite materials.

The work team uses a chemical physical laboratory, an area strictly dedicated to Research & Developments, and 3D modelling and FEM simulation software for mechanical and thermal studies. Design is developed according to the standards of project management and is strictly monitored by regular project reviews.

The wide range of products made and the diversification in the various sectors are clear confirmation of the great commitment and of the creativity that distinguishes the Research & Developments team at Lamiflex. A true team that dedicates itself every day to the study of technological innovations to use to improve customers’ products, create new products or improve production processes.

Lamiflex researchers and the customer: a single team

Problem-solving” skill is one of the company’s strong points. The development phase is run in close contact with the customer. This is a true partnership where the company team tests and experiments to reach a “watertight” solution that matches the customer’s needs exactly.

15% of the company’s employees work in Research & Developments. For Lamiflex, in fact, this department is of strategic importance, which is why it is allocated about 6% of annual turnover.