Special initiatives

Birth and Wedding Premiums

Financial help for mothers and families

For more than ten years Lamiflex has shown in tangible terms its sensitivity, in particular to nursing mothers and new families, by paying a bonus for every newborn child and newly adopted child and for each wedding.

There is no legal obligation to pay these bonuses. They just reflect the feelings of satisfaction and the sense of responsibility of company management, who want to be close to their employees at such important moments in their lives.

Part time philosophy

Concrete support for women who work  

More than half the women at Lamiflex are on part-time contracts and work in different areas: Accounts, Technical Departments, Sales and Purchasing. Lamiflex has subscribed to the part-time philosophy for many years. The company believes strongly in this solution because it is convinced that it can make it easier for a woman to strike the right balance between her professional and family commitments. The excellent results obtained confirm the wisdom of this choice.

The Lamiflex experience has shown that it does not matter whether part-time work is horizontal or vertical: the important thing is that a woman is placed in an ideal position to work with serenity and profit so that she can make the fullest contribution to the company’s business.