Storytelling R&D Lamiflex

Professionalism, competence and creativity  

Devising the best solution that is able to reflect exactly the customer’s expectations is the first advantage of Lamiflex. The company’s R&D team is really close-knit and each day it devotes itself to studying technological innovations to improve customer products, create new ones or perfect production processes.

Lamiflex R&D Department – a team with great added value

Story telling – “Air Duct” Project – hot/cold air conditioning for the aeronautic industry

  • Design and Feasibility – project study and search for “best solution”
  • R&D team work – engineers and technicians for devising the best solution
  • Sanding – finishing the workpiece on the cutting line for complete adaptability
  • Gluing – gluing between the parts and addition of positioning fringes
  • Riveting – application of metal components
  • Insulation – heat insulatio
  • Quality control – inspection of shapes and weights