Lamiflex CFRP Rollers for a Wide Range of Applications 

The history of Lamiflex is inextricably linked to carbon fiber. The Company was indeed founded when Mrs. Luigina Bernini and Mr. Luigi Castelli, owners of a textile mill, realized the full potential of the emerging market of composite materials. Facing the problem of rapier tapes melting easily when running their looms at high speeds, they introduced the first composite tapes, an innovation that changed rapier weaving forever. But they did not simply stop there. 

They decided, indeed, to continue to invest in the application of composite materials in other sectors. Today, one of the latest and most successful application of this special fiber is the production of tailor made CFRP rollers for a wide range of sectors, from printing to non-woven industry, food and beverage and many others.

Lamiflex CFRP Rollers are the preferred choice of Customers worldwide due to the following key advantages:


  • Maximum strength 
  • Low mechanical inertia  
  • High rigidity and relevant weight reduction compared to alluminium solutions
  • Increasing bearing life and less maintenance
  • Less vibration
  • Scaling of the organs of motion in downsizing 
  • Design flexibility and ease of assembly
  • Increased productivity 


Let’s find out together some of the specific solutions Lamiflex is today able to offer to Customers around the world:


  • CFRP Rollers for Printing Machinery


Lamiflex CFRP Rollers for printing machinery are suitable for specific applications such as flexographic printing, rotogravure and digital printing. Thanks to their high stiffness and low weight properties, these rollers can operate at speeds that ranges from 1300 rpm to 1900 rpm, while guaranteeing limited deflection (within 0.02-0.04mm), perfect balancing (class G1) and reduced vibration damping. 

Lamiflex CFRP Rollers for printing machinery make processing changes extremely fast: these lightweight products, indeed, can be easily and safely handled by a single operator, thus providing not only a key advantage in terms of operational simplification but also reaching an unmatchable level of flexibility.

Moreover, the outer surface is wear-resistant and the roughness can be customized according to Customer specifications.

Lamiflex CFRP Rollers are the perfect choice for Customers looking for a solution to reach the highest printing speeds, maximum efficiency and operative cost reduction with the guarantee of the best printing quality offered by a 100% Made in Italy product.



  • CFRP Expansion Shafts for Winding and Rewinding applications



Lamiflex provides the market with CFRP expansion shafts with both feather keys and rubber pads, according to Customers’ requests.

These lightweight components made of carbon fiber and epoxy composite are used to replace heavy steel shafts, with improved strength and comparable stiffness

Employed in winding and rewinding web material and especially in converting and printing industry, they can be customized according to Customers’ needs to fit many applications such as plastic film, paper, textile, nonwovens and many others.

Characterized by low inertia and reduced deflection, Lamiflex CFRP Expansion Shafts and their minimized shaft weight meet regulations for single-person lifting and are suitable for faster line speeds and quick acceleration. 

Lamiflex supplies a high level of customization referred not only to the applications, but also to the technical features of the expansion shafts.

Key features of each expansion shaft type:

CFRP expansion shafts with feather keys
CFRP expansion shafts with rubber pads
  • 3” Ø 76mm
  • Bobbin length from 500mm to 2000mm
  • Load capacity ranging between 550kg to 1540kg
  • Shaft length from 600mm to 3350mm
  • Shafts weight from 11kg to 23kg
  • Customizable number of keys
  • 3” Ø 76mm
  • Bobbin length from 500mm to 3800mm 
  • Load capacity ranges between 550kg 1540kg 
  • Shaft Length 1000mm to 4000mm
  • Shaft weight ranges from 10kg to 25kg
  • Single and multiple reels
  • Stiffness of the rubber pad shaft can be fine-tuned to reach higher performances


  • CFRP Idler Rollers


CFRP Idler Rollers are ideal for running wide, light webs at critical high speeds. The combination of carbon fibre and epoxy resin leads to an unmatched combination of high strength and low weight with higher load capacity than aluminium rollers.

Their non-corrosive and electrically conductive properties make this product the perfect choice for applications and industries such as paper, tissue, nonwovens, converting and even extrusion machinery.