Pre-impregnated textiles

Customized and certified pre-impregnated textiles

Lamiflex is a leading manufacturer of composite materials and can count on great experience in the production of pre-impregnated textiles and shielding pre-impregnated textiles.

The pre-impregnated textiles are made of all types of compatible textile, from polyester to carbon fibre, through the application of resins, normally epoxy resins, to the customer’s specific requests. The Lamiflex impregnating system can supply pre-impregnated textiles that are dry or have the right degree of “tack” (stickiness), in compliance with the desired weight per square metre and parameters.

The shielding pre-impregnated textiles are manufactured in the same way as the other pre-impregnated textiles; in addition, they are first placed in a “nickel-plating bath” that gives the  pre-impregnated textile great shielding properties. These properties are essential for components that need to be protected effectively against electromagnetic waves.

The strong points of Lamiflex are the highly specific instrumentation that is available and the expertise in using it to provide resins complying with precise and defined specifications. In the equipped chemical laboratory and in the resins room, formulas are made up to ensure the required performance: a customized pre-impregnated textile manufactured completely in-house. In order to ensure the quality of its products, Lamiflex issues a conformity certificate for every pre-impregnated textile that it makes.

In addition to making finishes products, Lamiflex supplies pre-impregnated textiles and shielding pre-impregnated textiles in an innovative manner by tracking carefully the specific requests and ensuring worldwide delivery.