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Environment System

Environmental Certification

For a responsible company that always had an eye on the future like Lamiflex, the respect of the environment has always been pivotal.

The impact of company activities is constantly monitored, through periodic preliminary analyses assessing energy consumption, quantifying and categorizing waste and waste disposal.

As part of the reduction of environmental impact, there are not only the mandatory aspects imposed at the legislative level but also leadership and educative aspects that depend exclusively on the company. One example is the choice of suppliers, that Lamiflex selects according to environmental criteria.

The UNI EN ISO 14001 Quality Certification obtained in 2001 was an important goal reached through the commitment of the entire workforce in the name of a business culture that firmly believes in the importance of protecting the environment as a part of humanity’s common heritage.

Further step on this path have been taken in April 2018.

Quality System

Quality Certification

This certification is today a prerequisite for each company that wants to be a key player in an increasingly demanding and competitive market, but at the time Lamiflex first apply for it, ISO 9001 was not that common among Italian enterprises.

Lamiflex wanted to be a forerunner also in this field, to guarantee to its Customers the highest international quality standards.

The UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Certification obtained in 1993 guarantees that the Lamiflex production processes are subjected to rigorous procedures and tests imposed by adopting an Integrated Management System corresponding to international quality standards..

Our new “vision” regarding certification called for a total overhaul of the Lamiflex management system and a futher step was reached in May 2018, confirming the company’s commitment to following this path.

Aerospace and Defence System

Aeronautical industry Certification

Inspired by a business mission to innovate and diversify production, Lamiflex over the years expanded in new markets and in particular in the aeronautical sector.

In 2008 Lamiflex obtained UNI EN 9100 certification, fundamental requirement to access the supply chain of the excellence industry of the aeronautical manufacturers.

A great satisfaction for a company that has always made quality its strong point.

Maintaining this certification is not an easy task and it requires continuous updating, since safety in this sector is even more important than in other industries. Obviously, the margin of error for any of an aircraft’s technical components is zero.

Today Lamiflex manages its everyday activities in each department to ensure compliance with aeronautical standards.

Our new “vision” regarding certification called for a total overhaul of the Lamiflex management system. We obtained this in MAY 2018, confirming the company’s commitment to following our chosen path.

Lamiflex Policy for Quality and Environment

The Quality and Environment policy is an expression of Lamiflex’s identity and mission, and it is based on values and objectives which drive the choices and actions of Lamiflex Management shared by all levels of the Company.

Download Quality and Environment Policy

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