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Clean Room

  • Clean Room is a special environment where temperature, humidity and dust are expertly controlled in order to handle and manipulate the pre-pregs always in the same conditions.
  • It helps control dust and other foreign elements from infiltration which may potentially cause problems on the moulded part during use.
  • It eliminates contamination and helps prevent extra humidity or overheating, which could:
    • Prevent start of polymerization process before moulding;
    • Render the pre-preg materials difficult to manage.

X-Ray Chamber

  • Used to detect impurities or anomalous inclusions
    in the medical table and to guarantee full transparency to x-rays.
  • X-rays are specially power-calibrated in order to control the tables.
  • Due to the highest quality level requested by our medical OEM
    customers, all our product is checked 100% to ensure 100% First Quality Products Only

Technical Features

Certified to industry-standards, pre-pregs arranged on special moulds, compacted & polymerized.

High level of temperature & pressure control (for composite epoxy resin curing at 80-180°C)

Autoclave 1* – 4 m x Ø1m /1,4m; volume 8770l; 10bar
Autoclave 2 – 5 m x Ø1,5m/2m ; volume 26500l;6,5bar
Autoclave 3* – 6 m x Ø1,6m/2 m; volume 18515l; 10bar

*Vertical autoclaves


  • Superior mechanical performances ensured;
  • Versatility;
  • Suitable for complex geometries;
  • High quality products thanks to skilled personnel.

Technical features

Automatic Presses: 2500×1000 mm
Injection into a closed mould in a vacuum of resin with regulated viscosity to ensure perfect filling of the mould. Automatic curing cycles


  • High process control;
  • High industrialization level;
  • Complex geometry net shape for both sides;
  • Carbon preforming concept.
  • Production capacity on an industrial scale;
  • Can be used also for limited series, thanks to the repeatability of the piece;
  • Optimization of the mechanical performances of the final product


  • Maximum strength & Low mechanical inertia;
  • Hight rigidity & Weight reduction*Less than half the weight of alluminium);
  • Thermal stability & Corrosion resistance;
  • Less vibration;
  • Design flexibility & Ease of assembly.
  • Radio trasparenty of the carbon fibber;
  • High rigidity under load;
  • Respect of Aluminium equivalence values;
  • Bio-compatibility with human body;
  • Possibility of realization of complex geometries.
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