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R&D Services

End-to-end R&D Services

Thanks to a dedicated R&D team, Lamiflex is able to provide Customers with a complete and integrate offer of cross-cutting design and development solutions, including:

  • feasibility study;
  • design;
  • industrialization;
  • prototyping;
  • testing.

With over 45years of expertise in composite industry, encompassing materials, manufacturing technologies and processes, Lamiflex R&D team can offer Customers and Partners with solutions fully customised according to their needs, by identifying the most suitable technical approach and by choosing the most performant one among the Lamiflex in-house Technologies.

Our team of engineers and industry-field experts is made up by specialists with a deep know-how of the composite world deriving from the development of tailor-made projects for market leaders in the Textile Machinery , Aerospace and Defense, Medical and Industrial sectors.

Our services

Feasibility Study 

Our cross functional team of experts is able to create feasibility studies on customized projects or in codesign with the customers. In this preliminary design phase, our team analyses the potential of the project ans identifies the most suitable resources, materials and technologies to carry out project and to achieve the Customer’s objectives. 

Resins  Formulation

Over the years, Lamiflex has developed a large number of resin formulations combining different fibers and fabrics, such as carbon, glass, polyester and cotton as well as Teflon, TNT and aramid fabrics.

Thanks to this process of research and development, Lamiflex can count today on a base line of numerous prepregs with different formulations of epoxy resins that represents the strating point to design new products to satisfy Customers’ specific needs.

Each combination of composite materials and resin formulations blends together the best solutions in terms of performance, cost and manufacturing technology.


The know-how and skills of the Lamiflex Laboratory allow it to develop new products, create new resins formulations and test new materials. The know-how heritage of Lamiflex Laboratory represent a fundamental support for the development of new products.

When necessary, the qualification tests also relies on primary external laboratories.

Lamiflex laboratory is equipped with the following tools :

  • DSC
  • Dynamometer
  • Rheometer
  • Owen
  • Precision Balance
  • Microscope
CAD & FEM Design

Our expert project engineers and CAD designers work closely with customers to provide an overall service that empasses design, simulation and testing.

The R&D team uses 3D modelling and FEM simulation softwares to shape composite parts and to perform mechanical and thermal analysis. 

By the computer-aided design (CAD) program, Lamiflex engineers are able model a 3D representation of the composite structure, featuring all the data related to the properties of the materials chosen for the project.

The CAD capability of Lamiflex experts also apply to the design of moulds and jigs, both made of metal and composite materials. When using composite materials, blocks of resin or carbon fiber are prepared in the Prototyping Department to be then processed in our company’s dedicated CNC Machining Center.

After designign the structure with a CAD program, the engineers analyze it with a finite element analysis (FEA) software to validate the project. 

Once the project has been FEM validated, our experienced team of technicians from the Prototyping Department manufactures the first samples, verifying the production processes and executing tests to guarantee that the final product respects the most stringent quality standards. 

In specific cases, Lamiflex can also count on its network of qualified suppliers for CAD activities, numerical simulations and the production of molds.

Controls and Qualifications

Lamiflex products are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN AS9100 certified.

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